MagixHome provides a one-click solution towards designing and realizing your dream home.  Our automatic interior design technology kick starts your imagination with an intelligently generated design.

Further spice up your home’s personality with our intuitive and interactive design tools. Using our cloud-based photo-realistic rendering and immersive VR technology, we will bring your ideas to life and put you right into your final design so you can experience and fine-tune before pressing “purchase”.

Augmented Reality

Blend a physical floorplan with a virtual design.  Show the barebone floorplan and view it through our phone app.  Witness the transformation of the design implanted right on top of the floorplan.

Virtual Reality

Visualize an interior design with state-of-the-art VR technology.  Step into the design to ensure that it turns out exactly as intended.  Make further modifications within until perfection is achieved.

360 Panorama Viewer

Visualize and showcase a design using any device.  Simply choose a viewpoint in the design and a realistic 360 panorama will be produced which can be viewed through any device.

Watch the Magic unfold